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Botox® and Botox Cosmetic®

Botox® is a medication that has many applications. Botox Cosmetic® can be used to relax muscles and to soften or to eliminate facial wrinkles caused by muscle movement. Recently, Botox Cosmetic® has gained much popularity through the media, because it works. Patients notice that they look younger and less angry—indeed, they look closer to how they feel! They may notice positive side affects such as decreased facial sweating or fewer headaches. Most patients return for additional treatments because they love the effect Botox Cosmetic® has on their appearance. Its results surpass the effects of expensive anti-aging creams. If you have facial wrinkles caused by muscle activity, then Botox Cosmetic® might be the ideal solution to unlock your beauty. Call us today to book a personal consultation with one of our professionals.

'Botox®? No sweat!™

Botox® is a prescribed medication that offers a simple, effective and safe treatment for facial wrinkles and excess sweating. There are two types of Botox®: Botox Cosmetic® and Botox® therapeutic.

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